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Humming bird

Humming bird, buzzing bird

flying high, oh so absurd.

how i wish i flew to see the forming dew

then left another morning new.

there will be room for you.


on the star we'll fly so high

over, under, in the sky.

singing fairies lulabies.

watching rolling tides.


flying slow flying low,

over swaying medows

seeking stars that glow,

then going home.



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“Mum, what’s that noise?” asked Johnny Duboise

as he sat on the comfy settee.

“Its your father”, she replied as the dishes she dried,

“say’s he’s trying to set his mind free”.


“By singing a song?” he asked with a grin

as he as he looked for the TV remote.

“He says that he’s chanting” she replied with a smirk,

“sounds to me more like he’s panting!”


“Is he gonna be ...

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