A Pilot's Joke

A Pilot's Joke / Michael Kwack


Once upon a time there lived a flying man

Who kept flying on, never thinking of landing...


One day accidently he had to land

Somewhere, or nowhere, on the sand....


After having lived alone very happily ever after,

He left a poem in the sand when he finally left his land,




I used to love sand,

For, where there's only sand,

I need not think to land​.

When I accidently had to land,

I could not but land on the sand,


For there was only sand

​Everywhere on that land,

I now much more love the sand

Of this lonely and lovely land;

For, for here's only sand,

No man would dare come to land.​



How could he leave that land when he finally had to leave?

I am still thinking about this question.


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