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The Band With Five Hands

Little Jimmy Bailey a wavertree lad

Lived with his brothers and a drunken dad
His mother walked out she couldn't cope
Never even left them a bar of soap
So little Jimmy with the dirty face
Wore shoes with holes and only one lace
Quick witted and fast good with his hands
Made a gutar from a box and lazzy bands
Oh he loved a sing song young Jimmy did
He wrote songs in his head since he was ...

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Disney Fairy

entry picture


Nancy comes in my dreams 

Like a fairy of Disney Land 

Have two wings and song 

Touch hearts with no band 


Nancy comes from the moon 

Where the lovely stars shining 

Calls me to join the song 

And to share her in the dancing 


Nancy, I love you so much 

Can you call me only once? 

Don't keep me in dreams 

Just come in real to dance 

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Natalie. Politico (from my new series of Natalie poems)


Natalie. Politico.

There was trouble in The Argentine. A few of Natalie’s friends spoke out against the military junta who ruled the country. The two girls and one boy, all aged eighteen had simply vanished. Natalie was scared. Roberto warned her not to speak out. The same people who forced him into the army, ending his college studies, had apprehended the teens. Their fate was unknow...

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Special gig Norway style saw Leaves Eyes and loved it so,

better than London gig two weeks before.

Met Liv, the singer, who looked just like she did

on the album cover, real woman.

My vocation, my music, to meet another heroine.

Octavia, five Norse girls, count them as they come on stage,

where is the singer? There! Look at my cd booklet—

me and...

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