Wait For The Flag To Unfurl


So you come to me and say 'I'm free'
And you claim all your words are true
Then you run from me, saying 'Set me Free'
Such confusion is brought through you
Some years I spent in quiet retreat
Without such strife if incomplete
Dont play these games no more with me
Far better I'm left to rot here in solitary
Each time you've run and turned again
And its truly sad to see your pain
But when indeed must mine own end
Can I care for children when round the bend
As the long arms of my family
Come closer to lend their aid to me
I'll take such hands as they do bring
And be grateful for such offerings
For though the nights may be alone
They bring no pains to cut my bone
Those in the neck I have had so long
Such stay with me when weak or strong
But the pills I take to ease such as they
For heartache will not work they say
A salve for such is not so free
My thoughts will ramble endlessly
Now back into my corner dark
With words to write while I have spark
Enough to see what strings to form
Some may quite likely be forlorn
But as in times past it may yet lead
To let the angst drain and sow the seed
Of future ventures out in the world
And then you'll see my flag unfurled
September 15th 2008



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