entry picture

The rusty door knob and the dilapidated door,
falling apart at its hinges.
Brown colour of furniture, unpolished
Left to rot in the corner of the room.
The showcase gathering grey dust 
like ominous clouds about to burst.
The grand old auburn piano 
playing tunes of doom and gloom.

The sea shell shade of dirt white walls 
peeling off like skin does below freezing point.
The spider webs collecting in corners 
of the ash gray front porch which
overlooks the untrimmed overgrown 
mustard green grass.
The little pond at the side 
brimming with dark green moss; avocado.

The trickling tap from the nearby pump
dripping bit by bit into emptiness.
The roof of the house growing tentacles of weed 
like horrific bloody fingers reaching up to the sky.
The face of the sky and its eye browed moon 
casting a ghostly glow over the house.
The vines forming a twisted maze around the side of the house
fortifying the sacredness of its lonely grandeur.


◄ Such were the joys


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