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Hearts Of Hers

Heart of mine
Won't you stand at my side?
Stop your traitorous speeding,
So that my cheeks may stop heating.
What is it about her,
That her whole being allures
What is it about her,
That has me needing more


Who gazes at me as if I 
Am the one who in the east rises
Who sees me wholly,
Not for who I pretend to be.
Who has replaced my blood,
as my life's elixer,

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Happy alone although not physically alone 

Just two repellent magnets incompatible forces

Fighting to pull closer but no efforts could make the scientifically impossible...possible 

Not in those circumstances at that time 

The facts were just the facts

Unsigned unwritten laws bound by unspoken pacts 

Small print unread but thankfully unsigned 

Well technically 

Just not sys...

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Monumentaltransformative poemcodedlovepoetryheartsoul matemeaningpoetrytoxicrelationshipsLifeRealpaintransform


And yes I have had my share of wild romances, that 

took the breath from my lungs and opened my

eyes to all of this world's beauty.

Unfortunately those matches burn out quickly.

The reality is that true romance is

a series of inspirational quotes carefully strung

between sitcoms and dramas.

Although, I have to believe

This passion exists. That in a 

mundane world the fir...

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soul matelove


For he is so bright
His eyes twinkle like stars at night
For he with light of phenomenal force
Even his shadow is shining of course
Quiet the night when the moon is so high
Dark shadow duo my soulmate and I
Embracing eachother white wall if you let
Still moving picture ..our silhouette

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Silhouettesoul mateshadow

Soul mates

The ebbs and tides of a heart full of passion.. 
Emotions lie dormant within the depths of those ravines.. 
Only few can interpret the complexities and it's abstractions.. 
The tuggings felt by another soul, innocent and pristine.. 
An unknown  transcendent script to decipher.. 
Takes a profound  and a true heart to unravel it's mysteries 
And lifetime of wonders to encipher.. 
The one who ...

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heartsoul matemeaningpoetry

My Better Half

To the most amazing girl in my life

You have agreed to be my wife

Like a blessing from above

God send you my love.


After a simple whatsapp hi

I could never say good bye

We have been down and out

But never in doubt.


After all these years

And so many tears

We are standing as one

Shining brighter than the sun.


I will cherish each day from the first t...

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Soul Mate

Rekindle cake (plus video performance attached at bottom)


Rekindle cake 
You take a teaspoon of wisdom, add two ounces of brave.
Then you extract the past and the now try to save.
Six drops of humble mixed with fine compromise
And then stir in to taste, as you look in her eyes
One cup of loves flour, and two knobs…………… who love.
Then you ask for some help from the chefs up above.
A sprinkle of ...

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