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The Beauty of Earth

The beauty you have is endless

Not satisfied watching you all days.

In all objects O mother, I feel you

As the grass takes a bath with dew,

When the birds are chirping on the tree

The darkness is dispelled and let them free,

When the petal expands the heart

In no time I draw the beautiful art,

The busy bees collecting honey

When spring arrives with a box of money,

In ...

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Mothers Love

Your coffee

Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting cold. 
You have missed out on so much. 
There are many stories to be told. 
Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting colder. 
Time has just flown by.
My children are growing older. 
Where are you Mumma?
Making coffee is harder as I am so weak.
My body is slower and my bones do creak. 
Where are you Mumma...

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Courage to Speak

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to speak,

to allow myself to stand up with the freaks

I’ve been sitting in my bedroom for too long

Waiting for the life i want to come along


Wondering if I am under control or lost

Thinking that I’d be better off dead, toast

Unsure how to be a mother to my child

As I’m always hankering for the WILD


I don’t mean just in terms of ...

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Mother in my Share!

I wish, I could take birth again
to hug my mom, want to become a child again.

She never speaks ill
only she doesn't get angry on me

She's alive and so nothing can bother me
whenever I step out, blessings accompany me

She'll hug tight if something happens
she always shelters her children

But someone got house, someone got shop
I was the youngest one in the house, I got MOM!

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Child robbers

I wished you did not miss me because the though of that hurts to the core
I wished i did not ever have to feel the pain,
of you not missing me even more. 
I think back to our times at home
 your first memories of being so small in my arms
The hours i spent watching you dream 
Wishing and hoping i could be the best mother i could be 
for you to get the best life you deserve from me.

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I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to love?

When you take care of me,

When I was a small child.


I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to make sacrifices?

When I ate and you don't

When there was no grain at home.


I know Amaa.

You taught me, how to read and write?

When you compels me every evening,

To write my name, when I ...

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A Mother

a mother is a person who loves you

everyday her love starts anew

from the day she conceives till the day she dies

she laughs when u laughs and cries when you cry.


she can feel your pain

and she can walk miles in the rain

as if your pain was hers

even without the help of her peers.


she holds you tight to put you to sleep

especially when you weep

she hold you ...

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Mothers Love

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