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Coming To Grips

Sitting here thinking, another week gone.

Another small increment moved from the fire.

It feels like it does when you’re just waking up,

half grasping consciousness, half in the mire.


When you’re not quite sure if it’s real or a dream,

the one where no matter your efforts you fail.

In total frustration you claw just to move,

and in the struggle, you miss the details



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regretmental illnessdepression

Captain My Captain

The wind seems to blow when the cold settles in.

Darkness will fall after shadows begin.

The end truly came long before you were through,

now everyone is going to miss you.


Captain, my captain now gone to the sky.

Words can’t describe all the reasons we cry.

The circle’s complete now, there’s no reason why.

Captain, my captain… goodbye.


…Tribute Robin Williams

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suicidemental illnesstragedy

What I've Learned

They struggle to know how I feel,

yet each question they ask only makes it more real.


And they search for a way to get in.

Hell, the door isn’t locked, it just blocked from within.


They remember the way that I was.

Well big deal, so do I and I don’t know the cause.


And they ask it again and again,

“Why can’t you be you back before this began?”


Don’t they...

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mental illness

Blue Sunshine

The words have fallen silent now and dreams passed away.

The pills have taken over and I don’t know what to say.


My bags have all been packed for me. The driver waits impatiently.

Not car nor driver fits this mystic land.

The hallway doors each filled with they who’s eyes plead out for me to stay,

it hurts to see they do not understand.


I never will forget my time among...

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creativitymedicationmental illness


Sat through another non-eventful free fall through the ceiling

while trying hard to feel something despite the way I'm feeling.


Trying hard to find my way back to the time of when

I didn't have to sit in this damn chair time and again.


For every day now seems a bit more like the day before.

Just like a cross between a treadmill and revolving door,


where weeks and m...

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struggledepressionmental illness

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