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The Liverpool I know

I never felt I belonged

An observer

A watcher

Drinking in everything that came along

Revisiting memories so very clear

My city heart beats like I’m still here

Streets never changing

People stay the same

Time hasn’t dulled the reason for their fame,

I know I’m among them when I hear their cheerful roar

They clatter as they run by, with laughter ...

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In the morning, my eyes open

Expressions of Love: Part XLIX

Written On/For: 4/4/2023

Title: In the morning, my eyes open


In the morning,

My eyes open

They open to the sight

Of your beautiful amber eyes

Hidden beneath lids of slumber

In the low light clouding my vision

I study your sleeping form

Like a scholar eager to glean more knowledge

I watch the rise and fall of your chest

And img...

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The Stream

The Stream


Pit brown, eddies like molasses

Trout, their underbellies speckled

with mottled brown marks swim

inside a subterranean world

Ceaseless the water runs

Never the same pattern

As in life the moment passes

and can never be lived again.

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It is a meeting place, this coffee house of ours

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed,

And it is popular with everyone.

Its tables and the chairs are a mixture of styles and ages:

Metal or wood or comfy arm chairs, and benches

They must have come from an auction!

There is a full bookcase half way up the stairs

There are newspapers in a rack

Some customers read while they ...

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Come on Eileen is not really you
Tell us more Eileen, is probably more true
With a life well lived and tales to tell
Life will be lesser now you're not here for the tell
Not quite a son, but a son-in-law
You once said we're close, we think so alike
You explained that we're both observers of people and life 
Maybe sit in the margin to listen and learn
Well I learned from you with your spark...

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