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The Big Red, White and Blue Dick

Guns, knives and hand grenades,
Bombs and shells we'll blow them away,
Underground bunkers are no match for us,
United States of America "In God we trust",
Blood, guts and body parts,
Shoot to kill and aim for their hearts,
Chemical warfare is also a treat,
We'll gas them out and leave 'em in defeat,
Put your hands up and surrender now,
We'll shoot you in the face unless you put your gun ...

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That flash of white light,

that’s your brain unrestrained

hitting you're skull.


Messages sparking incoherently,

unable to connect they simply arc,

and that’s the last thing you’ll see

before you wake up with bits of you gone.


Left behind on another landmass.


No consent asked and none given,

you’ll lie under a metal frame

where crisp white sheets wo...

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Assertion Repetition and Contagion


Assertion repetition and contagion.

Assertion repetition and contagion.

Assertion repetition and contagion.



Statements of greatness

over and over.

Statements of greatness

over and over.

Statements of greatness

over and over.



Statements of greatness

all over the papers in black and white lies,


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Sides of Deception

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Orginally posted on www.uink.ca

Sides of deception;

Powers of corruption;

One nation’s view;

Historical moments recorded.

By the ones who won them.

The Propaganda Puppet corrupted.

Propaganda is a tool to fool a fool.

Its words spewed under fowl breath.

The iron fist prepares to force the mule....

Under the pressure of their head they work to death.

Burying t...

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Burning Books

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Listen not unto the lie that stings the lips.
Witness not the act that stays a pitied mind.
Speak not of the hatred that will crack the whips.
Let not those insidious be here enshrined.

Trample not upon the freedoms of your kin.
Take not which was never here for you to own.
Read not of the bitterness that splits the skin.
Write not of the malice that shatters the bone.

Reason with the lessons of...

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