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Big Brother TV

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Everything watered down as to not offend
There's no relationship you need to mend
WHen you've got the tv as a friend
Taking comfort in Big Brother once again
Your day feels like the one before
Sick of all your slavery chores
Throw everything down on the floor
To find out celebrity whispers behind closed doors
The A to Z of who's banging who
The story of the latest murder on the news
A zillion channels you can choose
That's not even the reason you're so confused
The world's a desperate heap of shit you're told
Hearts are hard, faces are cold
Watching the apocolypse unfold
As the tv has you in it's tender hold
A death grip of the official way
What does Big Brother BBC say today?
Is your tv license paid?
Do you notice you're being fed sickness and hate?
A cancer of the human mind
Acid in the eyes to make you blind
A slave driver of your time
Dictating to lambs in the slaughter line
But tv will set your free
You don't have to face the problem of how to be
You don't need eyes when the tv can see
Let tv cater to all of your needs

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<Deleted User> (9882)

Sun 6th Aug 2017 10:19

loved the poem Regan.The only progs I watch are the the ones about wildlife.

The work that goes into making those is so underrated.

Rose ?

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