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Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy Theorist

I am a Conspiracy Theorist.
I can’t help it.
Maybe it’s genetic.
Maybe I learned it;
when those I trusted  lied.
When those who should know,
When they just told me,
what they were told,
to tell me.
When they say, “Because I said so.”

Maybe I’m a rebel.
Maybe you are too.
I see things, that don’t add up.
I hear things, that don’t match.
I have a funny f...

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Rebellion: A Punk Poem

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Rebellion: A Punk Poem
 a poem wrote about my experience at the fabulous Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool.

for 4 whole days I went there
surrounded by studs, docs and spiky hair
this is the place, a mecca where punks meet
to perhaps converse bands or politics 
and drink buckfast in the street
Ignore your fashion tag!
and your right to "rebel"
instead meet some of the cider lovi...

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