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Where Do You Come From?

Taking my first girlfriend
to the pub at seventeen
Crossing the cobbles
of a gunmetal grey 
northern market town
Mitten in glove
warm in our teenage
prototype version of love
A chatterbox pint for me
a tipsy glass of white for her
and we’d find a quiet corner

Invariably, some red-faced
shaven-headed native
furtively eyes my companion
“Where do you come from?”
they’d splutter in th...

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Life is never so tough, and nor is it stranger
Than living the life of a teenager
They have many problems and many fears
Coping with pressures, mainly from their peers.

Life can be complex at this difficult time -
Trying to be first to the top of the ladder they climb.
They might feel they have the world on their shoulder,
As they strive to survive as they slowly get older.

It is a tim...

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That Old Me | Agonizing Words

In the midst of changing the world, I lost my soul while creating my life. Now when I look back to the time when I was still a kid so full of innocence, kindness, and full of happiness. Now life is like a rat race where all we can think about is just getting more and more involved in work to earn more for a better lifestyle. But have you ever thought of the time when you were a kid and when th...

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Song for Laura Lee

Laura Lee, she was my first love
tangled in her parents’ bedsheets
and shadows from the attic window
With my army-surplus shirt
slipping from her shoulders

Laura Lee, she was my first love
my first taste of intimacy
her loving hands upon me
guiding that desire, so deftly
through our discovery and naivety

Laura Lee, she was my first love
our fumbled teenage kisses
quickly blossomed ...

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desirediscoverfirst loveteenagers

For Hunter

I wish I could hide away from the rest of the world in your arms

bury my face in your chest only coming back up to kiss your kneck

Sometimes I miss the way you wouldn't call be by my name, but

instead called me beautiful

You swore to me late at night that I was your soulmate

but being soulmates wouldn't be enough to save you from your one true love

the drugs and the booze 


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Just a teenager

Grind it
Pack it
Light it
Inhale it
Exhale it
And just like that
I feel lighter, calmer, happier
Even though, I am technically a criminal
But in reality, I am just a teenager
I’m just a teenager that needs a break from the
mental health issues that seem to rattle around 
my overcrowded skull




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I've got green stained knees 
they remind me of you.
its the color of what once was your room
that you always said you hated,
yet you never bothered to paint it.
where we stayed up till 4 am
dreaming of our future flat.
visions of blue walls
and pictures of waterfalls
because you were in to that sort of thing.
Now I'm laying in the summer grass
as God’s tears come trickling down,

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love lostlove poetrynostalgiaromanceteenteenagers

a toast to the afterlife

here’s to the afterlife —

what fate does the day after The Last Day hold?

doubt ,

doubt consumes man’s faith .

down into the depths of the pit

my mind descends ,

down to the caverns ,

the walls closing in .

the light dwindles ,

crushed under the weight of this apparent reality .

hopeless and helpless ,

lonely and tired .

beaten down by the endless sorrow .


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Letting you go.

When the sun shines, and the moon glistens, I talk to you. I hear the planes up ahead and wonder if it's you. I stay up all night, just because maybe one day you'll call text, email or just appear. But the day's end, summer comes and they grow longer. I wait more and I plead God to grant me this wish. Please, please, grant me my Mother. But day after day, family sways, nobody calls and i think its...

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motherchildhoodteenagersdeath of childhoodmotherh

...but not so little boys...from my new collection MUMB


Shielded in a force field cacophony of Peter Griffin’s laughter and a baseline dirge

with LED’s set on level Epileptica

the giant slumbers; he does not open an eye.

Hidden amidst his landscape of tissues, Lynx and Lucozade;

this is where childhood comes to die.


There once was a hand held tightly to the shops,

there was once a cartoon hero and kite making,

then he was...

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childhoodteenagersdeath of childhoodmotherh

Adolencia- from my new collection MUMB


They are going to bend minds-

they’ve thought of all kinds of things that we have never seen,

they will sustain environments and grow fruit in arid deserts

they will go to great and unseen efforts to save the planet,

they’ll shape this world into the word FRIEND.

Starvation will end and they will study the moon

and its correlation to the womb and will study women from cradle...

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A Glesga Kiss

Oi heid the baw
Noo wit's the matter?
Don't greet aboot
Ma dodgy patter.
Jist gies a winch
Behind the wa'
I swear a wulny
Tell yer maw.
Al huv' ye hame
the back a ten
So how's aboot
A smooch then hen?

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glaswegiandialectsilly poemteenagers

Weird Sisters

Weird Sisters

when did we four last meet
with doctor martins on our feet
hubble, bubble trick or treat
kiss and tell arms to greet
looks that kill in a heartbeat
concrete steps as a seat
stir the cauldron feel the heat
cool as fuck neat neat neat
no surrender no retreat
angel faces so petite
whiplash smiles sugar sweet
weird sisters of the street


Inspired By: photograph by Ri...

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