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I don’t need a Bell Curve

            showing the Probability of Distribution

nor an economist theorizing

            about the Positive Externalities

this is no pie in the sky nor castle in the air

            although this romance a novelty for me

            an invention of a future

            love is a collaborative result

            a breakthrough i...

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Adolencia- from my new collection MUMB


They are going to bend minds-

they’ve thought of all kinds of things that we have never seen,

they will sustain environments and grow fruit in arid deserts

they will go to great and unseen efforts to save the planet,

they’ll shape this world into the word FRIEND.

Starvation will end and they will study the moon

and its correlation to the womb and will study women from cradle...

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Mr Twee

Warfare rages, blood pressure races, worry lines etch into our faces

Predictability always soothes

So we turn our glaikit eyes to you

A saviour decked in red, white and blue

Be our hero, Mr Twee.


Crashing chords in minor keys

Experimental creativity

Please god - spare us all of these!

For our stilted minds cannot compute

Unfamiliar jarring tunes

Blandness is the ...

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