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Life is never so tough, and nor is it stranger
Than living the life of a teenager
They have many problems and many fears
Coping with pressures, mainly from their peers.

Life can be complex at this difficult time -
Trying to be first to the top of the ladder they climb.
They might feel they have the world on their shoulder,
As they strive to survive as they slowly get older.

It is a time to feel awkward and also confused.
And when authority speaks for it to be refused.
And whether with friends or just on their own,
Teenagers often feel that they are all alone.

Though life might be hard while you're an adolescent,
Know that each day doesn't have to be unpleasant.
Then know that each wrong shall turn into a right,
And that at the end of the tunnel you will find the light.

Stuart VannerAdolescenceTeenagers

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 11th Jun 2023 17:53

When I was a 50s teenager, finding the singing of Frank Sinatra
in my elder sister's record collection, and the Rockn'Roll of my
own generation, i don't recall any need for adult concerns about my "well being". Indeed, I was only too happy to live my life
free from such intrusions, happy to "grin and bear it" as I
approached the time to take the train from a rural youth to The Smoke and the apprenticeship to a working life - aged 16. Those
were perhaps my luckiest freedom-filled days!

Bethany Sallis

Wed 7th Jun 2023 20:44

Angst has a lot to answer for Stuart. Great poem

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 7th Jun 2023 13:08

Hahaha! Well done Stuart. This rings very loud bells as we have just hosted (if that is the right word) our 14-years old granddaughter Alys for a week! We packed the week with interesting things to do, including a day trip to Brighton (in brilliant sunshine too) but she still projected a semi-disinterested facade all week, even as she was cooing over the Vivien Westwood shoe exhibition in the Northampton museum.

It was a privilege to watch a teenager in full flight!!!

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