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The DREAM never keeps your word
If you play with it,
A tree produces a thousand seeds
Into fruits,
Numberless lives in sleep can be stirred
At anytime.
The tree drops the mature fruits
Upon the ground,
The wind leads them to sleep and
To stand up like the newborn babies,
If the tree had a hand keeping the fruit
In the sun and not dropped it,
The seed couldn't get a new journey.
Do wor...

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Evelyn is a doll

Just a rather large doll

She's not made of porcelain

She's only made of wood

With a shock of black hair

Hidden under a hood


Cigarette burns & scars

Pot-mark her face

And, she lives under the bed

In an old leather case


She's missing an eye

From when thrown at a wall

Her tattered old dress

No longer fit for a ball



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karmaScary dolls

digging your own grave


I hope you’re haunted by the love you lost in the chaos you twisted and turned 

I’ll be the dove hanging onto the wire you burned 

In the quiet you conjure up all the spirits who will never return 

As I hold onto empty words 

How you tortured me in this chapter 

Cheers to your happy never after

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Bar Steward Town 1 (for Debbie)

Bar Steward Town 1 (for Debbie)

What they did to Debbie was beyond compare

Anywhere else except in this damn town

A real lady came from afar to heal the sick

Persons unknown took her happiness


Did their despicable act and slew her life

They respected her religion by crossing her

But not her body by using two big knives

Two decades on the killers are free


Just s...

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Destiny Bound

You think you can 
break my heart
without breaking 
your own?

We are one. 

Your tears 
are my tears.
My tears stream 
down your face.

Interwined energy,
we try to escape,
but it keeps pulling us back 
to this silent space.

You turn away,
nothing to say,
rue the day.

I laugh through the tears, 
because I know we will be 
bound again for years, 


Our des...

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O karma will always prevail

Although it may take many years

Then it shall be understood

Why you cried those tears


So in time one shall receive

Just exactly what one should

And be seen for what you are

Whether it be bad or good


And even in your darkest hours

Know ahead of you shall be light

So if you want to challenge life

Don't give up without a fight


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hopejusticeKarmaStuart Vanner


History repeats

Consequences known

It's what has been reaped

From all that's been sown

Connecting the threads

Of this 

Karmic maze

Building afresh

On old foundations laid

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Terence Evans







Terence Evans had little respect

For the life or the welfare of any insect

He swatted the fly with the rolled daily news

And stamped on the beetle in his Doc Marten shoes

Unfortunate spiders were drowned in the bath

Caterpillars were crushed should they dare cross his path

He bisected worms with his pocket penknife

Pulled the legs off cray-fly and...

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Outer Rims of the Jellosphere

Ok, fine, it isn't a poem, but this song is an original composition and performance by my two man art group "The Karma Junkies." Listen and enjoy. :)

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karmakarma junkiesmusicoriginal songsonginstrumental

You, you


You, You
Savour true moments, and know, they are fleeting
Say “Thank you karma“, When you take a beating
Don’t get angry when you get burnt
 Just see it as a lesson learnt
Let past be passed, quickly forgive
Not eye for eye, but live let live
If my heart says yes, then I’ll let it be
If my hart it sinks….. Then its not for me

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forgivenesskarmahealingacceptanceself loveperspective





Some bad shit goes down and a girl is dead,

killed in an alleyway for a mindless reason.

Her kid in a pram was okay but now has no mother.

You should be shot, you murdering cunt,

as should the satanist pricks who kill kids in the name of evil,

justifying their deeds in the name of the devil.

For he says any evil act is okay, go on just go...

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deathmurderkarmalost lives

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