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I heard the song right then I had a vision 

I put it on paper added colour locations down to actors precision 

Out of my hands 

God's decision 

Next thing I'm watching it back on the big screen television 

It all started with a vision 

When I realised it realised it became my mission 

This is my special gift of which God has given 

And for a long time yes it was kind of hid...

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Flame-Licked Heels

I’ve been working on

Coming back from

The dead

Realising reality

Living in this world

Becoming me

I don’t have to know who I am

But I must know that I am

I am, I am, I am

I don’t have to know what I am

To deserve to be

I’m working on being,

Just being

Because I’ve been existing

Mindless, automatic, numb

Best autopilot, me

Coming back from the dead


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The stars I hold as electric beams run through me

Vibrating I'm moving a zillion miles an hour the moons just let on like he knew me
Blow back the kisses the sun has just blew me
from the planets so truly
Recharge put celestial through me
I share out what you have given to me
Times ten it returns right back to me

To enable one to keep must give it away

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Hold On Me

I've got some secrets I admit, but who are you to decide if this is as far as I'll get? I don't want to pass with my pride out of reach but I also really want to no longer fucking breathe

Nail all the images I try to escape from along the lining of my mind. Then manifest each one into what I truly fear inside.

Shedding my skin just to slide back into the same disguise I thought I'd destroyed...

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