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Seeing Things

What is the scale of reality?

We all have our own truths

Our own views

How do you quantify actuality?


“A fantasy is a vision

It is solely in your vision

It is envisioned by you

A vision is a fantasy”


But saints had visions!

Politicians have visions!

Some people have double vision

Anyone that has sight has vision

Whether they have a sixth sense

Or no sense at all!



It is a photograph when it becomes forever


It is mirrored when you mirror it


It is a painting when you imitate it

Capture it

It is a drawing when you copy it

Catch it

Art is physical

You can touch the abstract

Have it, display it

Own something that isn’t or wasn’t or still is or will be or never was-”




“It is a story, a poem, a show, when you create it

When you can share it

But it is a vision when you cannot

When it seems to be in everyone else’s blind spot”


What if it is?

You call it a fantasy

But it is not fantastic

You call it a fancy

But it’s not to be fancied

You call it a vision

But it is not my dream

Or in my dreams

What is the scale of reality?!


“A fact is a fact when it is true”

Who’s truth?

“It is a fact when it is undeniable”

There is always an objection

Why, I am an abjection

“It is a fact when everyone can see it”

Some people are blind

Others have second sights or third eyes

“It is a fact when everyone can hear it”

Some people are deaf

Others hear voices

…Hello? Hello?

Where did you go?


Now, I don’t see dead people!

I see the living!

The smiling!

The happy!

The glad to see me!

But nobody else can see them

Is this a problem?

Who has the issue?

What is the scale of reality!?


Can there be an absolute ‘correct’?

Can you ‘fact check’ a head?

Things go beyond what we record!

Art isn’t physical!

Facts aren’t physical!

Some facts are abstract!

And no, no, no!

You can’t touch that!

What if the consensus is insane?

What is insane?

Who defines sanity?


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Alexandra Parapadakis

Wed 26th Jun 2019 12:34

Haha, I can't seem to settle on one answer. It still perplexes me how someone can really DEFINE reality and sanity. You both raise good points... definitely something I won't stop mulling over. Thanks for the comments!

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Thu 20th Jun 2019 20:38

Ah Alexandra P - as Martin says lots of meat to chew off the bone (oh dear, hope you're not a vegetarian).
Without vision the people perish and a 'scale' (for weight, size and reality) has been given.
Go well

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2019 21:03

Wow you have opened up a big subject here around truth and what isn't. In simply terms for me it is around perception and expected perceptions by an individual. Two people no matter how much they may agree about what they see or not will rarely share the exact same perception. Crikey getting a bit deep here. Think I will stop while I am ahead.
Anyway a very well constructed and crafted poem on a thought provoking subject
Nice one

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