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 Sleek, below indigo 

A mastery of dancing light,

She swims among waves.

Floating nothingness surrounds

Time stopped on beauty

As her deep eyes look up.

Diamond scales

And ivory hands

Reach toward sunlight.

Mysterious soul,

Treasured, rare wanderer,

Gyspy of the sea,

Song of timelessness,

and enduring breathlessness,

She swims eternal;

A captor of her s...

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A Prayer for the Living


A Prayer for the Living


Pray that your living be thus:

A journey fulfilled, not forgotten,

a place for the touching of souls, not Mammon,

to freely forgive, and bear no malice,

a mind at peace, never roiling in anger -

and room to grow, not retreat or wander,

with no pangs of envy for the birds as they fly,

but to drink in the indigo boom of the waves

as they c...

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Fourth Wall of Faustus


Memento mori – remember you must die.

Faustus heed thy warning.

Speaketh not devils,

Angels exeunt with wretched abandon.


Enter Indigo.


Thine saviour art not light nor dark.

Thou art thine saviour,

Thy soul art Medusa in thy mind,

Thou darest not meet its gaze...

frozen as Atlantis abyss.


Thawed as a lobster in

Satan’s furna...

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