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the depth

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You will fall
You will keep falling
Falling into the depth
The depth of the ocean
Without any doubt
You will reach the bottom
It will suck you up
Into its sticky environment 
You can not breathe
And want to escape 
You pannick 
And do not know what to do
You will keep falling
Falling into the underneath ocean
It feds you up 
You want to escape 
Escape from the fall
Falling into th...

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depthescapefallingoceanto fall

No More Waiting..

Ive been patiently waiting around just for you to say hello..
Just show me a sign that YOU dont steep that low..
Day by day, Oh dear Lord three things I pray ..
That I see another day ..
That you show you care ..
and that you will be there..
But no stop dreaming child ... grow up..
Your mama said she would always be there! But I dont see her anywhere!
She said ' I love you A...

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