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I've got entangled in pure mystery

never endured a coquette so lewd,

her words twinkle like spangles but

despite all the glitter she's shrewd


I've come across some fast workers

in moments she had me unzipped

I'm far from a slouch at glib patter

in her sea-soiled face rests a crypt


its like being a drunken fire-eater

on a water-bed playing with fire

I've grown addicted to her scales

from a cylinder resounds a choir


wayward Siren sings me astray

my hands refuse to stop my ears

I'm navigating blind to open sea

tied to the mast a typhoon nears


she's a nurse, she's seen death

knows life's short, wants to live

squeezes me dry for experience

wants each inch I've got to give


tells mermaid tales from the ward

angels wings hovering in the night

the way some embrace fate gladly

or breathe their last gasping fright


of course she might bring infection

that's part of her ambivalent allure

her kisses mutate round my torso

for her wet desire there's no cure


unhinged she wakes me up, I see

nightmares amid her floating teeth,

whispering mariner's gravestones

dangling that mane like a wreath


drowning me, my lover so tender,

machines hum like electric squids,

seaweed swims in silent lungs as

my eyes get pennies on cold lids




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