Flamborough Head

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Flamborough Head

the flimsy frame rattles
as a doom laden bellow
pierces the smoky milk
shrieking  away unwary
sailors straying close
to Yorkshires crumbling coast
like some creature
lost in torment

we cower
beneath dull yellow light
from sweet smelling
gas lamps
their cog wheels
turned up high
and wicks ablaze
to ward off the dark

a jigsaw unattended
its pieces spilling
carelessly across a
varnished table top

outside the air smells
of salt and dead things
as it closes its grip
around this white coffin
that we have called
home for just a week

light sweeps across the blinds
shadows dance
demons reach
that voice

again  again  again

booming sadness shatters the peace

again  again  again

hangs on a thread
woven by a winter spider
as we wait out
the night

again  again  again





photograph by andicampbelljones

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