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I thought....

I swear I miss u 
I even wrote a Boone about u 
In 2016 I was willing to die bout u 
It was a high even when I lye next to u 
I swear I would lie for u 
Babygirl yo love was strong 
I knew you’ll die for me 
I’m depressed ,I’m back drinking 
I know you probably like 
“Wtf is he thinking” 
But when I’m drunk i just be pacing 
When I’m high I be contemplating 
I wish the love would’ve lasted forever 
Shit seem like it changed when I got cheddar 
I think u saw the change when u saw 
I could do better 
I even believed that until I ain’t find better 
If I could go back into time would I leave u? 
I really loved you 
I wish shut would’ve been better 
Remember when I use to write you letters 
Remember I was locked up 
And you ain’t send no letter 
That shit broke my heart and All the love I put in a shredder 
Damn I wanna cry 
I completed life 
I failed 
Now I wanna die 
Only one fly
Only one guy 
I still wanna be the one that  die
I took yo hi’s for granted now all you tell me is bye 
I thought I was smart 
I thought I was bill ny
I thought I was fly 
I thought I was that guy 
I thought I won the race 
The shit didn’t even end as a tie
I lost 
Now I just want to die 
Felling like r kelly
Now I just wanna fly 
I don’t think I’ll ever get over u 
Don’t u know I was young dumb stupid 
How did I ever think I’ll get over you 




◄ Trust lust



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