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The Scribe and his Lover

I weep for his skills:

                the perfect crafting

                of the calligraphy


She sighed, "Forge me the seal of our love"

She sighed, "Render yourself to me"

She sighed, "I am your vellum"


I weep for her artistry


He saw the curves, the loops, the cursive strokes:

                flow smoothly from his nib



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:-"Meri Zindagi me Aakey" (BY ENTERING IN TO MY LIFE)


Tune dil me ye Kaisa Ahsaas Jaga diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey,

Mere bikhre Armaano ko phir se Saja diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey


 Band ho chukey they meri Ummedon ke Raastey Sabhi,

Tune ek naya Raasta Dikha diya Meri Zindagi me Aakey


 Bikhra pada tha Gham ke andhere me na jane kab se main,

tune Chiraagh-e-mohabbat Ja...

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Who rests from their labours only to sleep,

thankful the day has been forgettable?


Enslaved, who dreams to reach the heights-

his pillow, this song, remains pitiful.


The song of any man, old Adam's

song: a tired tale quite unaccountable.


Let the penniless artist pluck the tune:

scraps of beauty so invaluable.


As men dream to play at octaves higher


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gazelle ghazal


Quiet as a hart in the forest

She’s tiptoeing, his tame gazelle


With caribou songs she serenades -

Are his ears deaf to his tame gazelle?


He looks about, antlers challenging

An elk blinded by his tame gazelle


With springbok start, did he notice?

She’s whispering, his tame gazelle


The antelope are all stampeding

Yet she stands sto...

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being as ghazals have been on the menu of late...


Like the fire she burns

Leaving embers behind


Like the fire she burns

Labouring sparks in minds


Like the fire she burns

Leaving hearts a flutter


Like the fire she burns

Lamenting lips stutter


Like the fire she burns

Lest cold souls forget


Like the fire she burn...

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ghazal - under grass


The lane winds on, it’s overgrown with grass

Too dark for daisies, ivy crawls through grass


The rusty swing stands creaking like a ghost

The rabbit hutch sits empty in the grass


The gate hangs off its hinges, hesitates

Mildew adorns glass panes, like slimey grass


Children don’t come now, keeping a secret

Sweets are no longer hidden in the gras...

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ghazal (ruby slippers)


I tiptoe to your house in my ruby slippers

I have a date to dance in my ruby slippers


Twirling toes in holly halls take merry chances

Dervish dances in my pointy ruby slippers


Tie your bow tie, quick as it spins my darling

I’ll spin and spoon with you in my ruby slippers


I wade through frozen snow, they’re in my hand, held tight,

My own spark...

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Shopping Ghazal

Singles evening at Tesco's, I see you

Far off, by the tomatoes, I see you


The shop is full of beautiful women.

You're better than all of those, I see you.


Elusive, I follow you through the store.

Persistent, for my heart knows, I see you.


I lose you, then find you by Medicines.

Buying anti-tapeworm dose, I see you.


I close in, as you ret...

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You composed for her - but when a song for me?

How I wanted you to pen a song for me.

So many songs dedicated to her name,

I waited so long but then a song for me!

I can’t be jealous when she has you no more.

With this I can forget Jen, a song for me.

My first beautiful ballad that turned me on,

You wrote like no other men a song for me.


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ghazal ( Fibonacci swirl)


She met him surrounded by dahlias in a Fibonacci swirl

A sure shock to his delicate system in a Fibonacci swirl


She was the fluorescent ghost a-haunting, she was not his cool pale girl

Carbon copy daguerreotype posing with her Fibonacci swirl


Cut her cloth to fool him, stared at mirrors, scared herself, made her hair curl

Tricked him, jilted him and then ...

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ghazal ( snow for me)


Oh come through swirling tempests of snow for me

I’ll warm your hands, leave your gloves of snow for me.


Rivulets fashion into veins of crystal

A mathematician out of snow for me.


Glass hexagons on ivy sprigs crack and freeze

In rubix cubes made of ice and snow for me.


The blood red sun is my evening candle flame

And thunder the tympani of sn...

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Daily Battle

Human beings aren't hominid cattle.

Each one has their daily battle.


This woman's blind, that man is deaf.

Each one has their daily battle.


He needs escape, she wants marriage.

They too have their daily battle.


A couple grieving for soldier son.

They hate the word, but have their battle.


He has a stammer, she hates her weight.

Please d...

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How can you not see?

Standing here is me.

Now you pass me by,

Can you not see me?

Smitten from first sight,

You could never see.

Seems my destiny

You will not see me.

Hello, my name’s Lynn,

Please say you see me.

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Eye of the Beholder

This is a poem by Siraj Patel Paguthanvi translated into English by Aziz Zumla




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

O My Sweet let us meet

and whisper sweet nothings,

set alight a myriad of stars

and see what magic springs


The blazing Sun and all its rays

with your gaze you set ablaze.

Lower your gaze and the rays

are nothing but ...

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