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Desperate bid

For re-election

Social media master plan:

Twist public perception


Of who the real

Public enemy is

The real dangerous mob

The real security risk


"And you shall know them

By this distinctive sign":

Scarlet triangle

Inverted design


Bright red as anger

Hardly concealed

Bright red as blood wrath

On these streets so real


Resurrected old

Nazi death camp symbol

Mark for political foes--

Divisive, un-civil


Yet Antifa, the so-called threat

Fights for community

Fights for all races

Fights for unity


Smear campaign by advert

From a national security angle--

Only Fascists would dare

Use a scarlet triangle.



W: 9.8.2020

AntifaDonald TrumpFascismmisinformationre-electionsocial media campaignU.S. politics




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