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Gaslight Charade

“Remembrance is our duty”, preachers scold.

The duty’s yours, not mine; my conscience? Clear.

I’ve stood on duty, rain, hail, freezing cold,

Protesting first the lies, then deaths, then tears.


Remembrance, once in quiet grief-struck thought,

Derides now, that their warm red blood had run.

The flower of our hope’s debased and mocked,

Out on parade with Strictly Tit and B...

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A tryst with self

Ages ago, God got bored. 

He may have wanted some thrill,

And he created what we call human beings today.

Centuries went by and God realised

He'd spoiled his creation with excessive liberty.

And to me it seems that the world we live in today,

May be the most spoilt edition of us. 

The biggest gift God could give us-

-While he created the world; was conscience.

And that's...

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I may not know,
Owning triumph by betrayal
But I know I emerge triumphant,
whenever I am myself and not someone else. 
I know I emerge triumphant, when I don't assassinate my principles for the triumph of my greed. 
And that I emerge triumphant, when I walk my way myself, with my wholesome faith in my creator, rather than expecting support from a mortal being.

It is largely true, that the ...

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The Conscience You Never Had

That inner limb was lacking

A sense of right and wrong

Like a pane without glass

A melody without a song


You possessed virtues of sorts,

Were, not by any means, all bad,

Yet I remember you only for

The conscience you never had


Fissures materialised where

The inner self was displayed

Skeletons in your cupboard

Facade aside, were betrayed


Good times...

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Like me..

I had never met anyone so much like me.. 
This strange rumination comes to me often..
A mirror of mine reflects all shades of white and grey.
Perceptions  almost align and sing in unison. .
Times when boundaries truly get blurred.. 
Yet there  are ones which bring solace that it's really not me.. 
An illusive reality that sets my conscience carelessly free.. 


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Don't be a sheep in a goat's age

A sheep and a goat once
Got locked in a fracas

“Off you go!
Don't you know
You are an embodiment
For an idiot!
How dare you trample
On the leaf down
From the stem of an apple
That dangle
And which I was apt
To cut and eat.

I really hate
A sheepish creature of your sort
With alacrity to a dictate
Going to an altar is whose fate
And that no offense on others inflict
Or none cont...

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