Astral Breadth

A trestle table set with content and classical elements
places a coven with arenose intent in a safe space
their minds set on causing change—present occurences canvass Mandala by way of effect.
fascicle circuits blitz and singe might-have-beens
washing away strands emblazoned in ever apparentness
accommodating silver lining fringe wherein proper golden ratio leaves
their genus' plant matter seeds with a tendril clasped writhing free from past means

transcendental rumination procured to a degree links Archimede's constant
alongside adjacent platonic solids syncing concurrent tropical da Vinci code
as the convolved undulations prove true to Vitruvian's tune

Cymatic symphonies harmonize and mold celestial aspects in a chord
all the while heartfelt dancer's discover capacity handed through dimensions take footnote to no advancer.
eclectic diffract waves oscillate octaves and find volumes tucked in infinite astral breadth

free-form thaumaturges incant tapping pranic mana, indiscernibly putting forth merkabah practices
petrified lightning finds golems made animate, fulgurite, filled with divine spark.
vine wood tumbling is caught in fluent motion
as the curlicue spiral follows through bringing about revolution
suffused spirit scurries trickling down dimensions
dispersing into translucent potion phials
serums themselves prove their potency by relinquishing divine truth

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