Hands Up, On Your Knees

Hands up

On your knees 

It’s not an instruction 

It’s a threat

Because your skin

Your hands 

Your hoodie 

Are a weapon 

So you drop

You drop like Trayvon’s skittles 

You drop like Tamir’s BB pellets

You drop like Michael’s cigars 

Or you drop dead. 

Each breath could be your last

Breathe breathe breathe 

I can’t breathe

Please, please, I can’t breathe


Now is not the time

To hold your breath 

It’s time for change 

For the men in uniform 

To hold their hands up 

For the men in uniform 

To get down on their knees 


But even on their knees 

They crush your neck 

black lives matterBLMchangeoppressionracism


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