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The Glowering Mists of Autumn

The Glowering Mists of Autumn


As I travel life's journey I'm often-times struck

By a vision both novel and possibly true; that serenity

In a dangerous world without luck,

Is impossible; but is there a temporal divinity?


Perhaps the root causes of wonder and joy

Really are in the sky, or on Dante's fine peak,

Or my fireside, where the dance won't annoy

In the compa...

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Who said reusable resources are a modern invention? Rubbish!



It's said that no-one should ever die wondering

on which road to travel, how not to go blundering

in dangerous places, when it's best to be pondering

why the rain plays its tricks, why there's no distant thundering. . . .


As the years pass us by we add to our history,

little by little we work out...

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Temporary wounds did form,

Above the ones I had ignored.

And the thoughts you had bestowed in me,

Are nothing but a memory.


Where you were weak, he is so fierce,

And where you lack, he comes in first.

The boy I thought I craved before,

Is nothing but a closing door.

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Battle of our chests

There is a war rallied between our hearts:

some people say love,

other people play love.


But when life becomes a game,

when words can only be spoken by characters,

when breath can only be projected by theatre

then I lose myself...so you lose me....and I risk losing you....

And the curtains fall shut -

Shows over.

And the dice stops rolling -

We lost the bet.



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