I want to scream so bad, But how can I?

This is just another bad dream, one day I’ll wake from,

Another scheme of sleep paralysis on my throat, 

Like I owe them, I’ll pay my dues but not now.

Feels like self betrayal, I can't even trust myself.

Saw it coming but chose to stay loyal,

Trusting logic has been problematic.

Can't say it's not my fault, when it is.

Emotinonal Warning shots shot, vibes are automatic.

Tides dont hide their true motions, 

Guess pain was the best alarm.

Dipped with both feet in, but you chose to flee,

Teeth to the heart, hurt, I shouldn't have trusted you

That's how bad it got, deemed to sleep it through,

Just another hot plate for the sinner.

Show me my inner peace.

Sailing through the storm, 

another tale with no head or tail.

self -disappointment without fail, As usual, 

“oh guess who’s back?” another night.

Panic attack served in a blow of kiss,

Just a guild attracted to torture me.

For a moment I thought I was through,

It was a facade been at for a decade now,

Clenched fist and cramped heart,

Another anger stored for later.

Pray my angels restore my faith in what I believe in.

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keith jeffries

Fri 8th Oct 2021 11:31

A poem of such profundity, that it merits reading several times

Thank you for this


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