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Venetian morning

entry picture


Slatted blinds

cast sun drenched lines

that slowly creep 

to wake still minds


and rousing them

with fresh shed rays

are angled open

revealing days


unfolding all

that lies before

the fiery globe

swings wide the door

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Pre-enlightened vista (a predictive text)

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The concourse at Waterloo Station

its mass of symmetry,

straight lines criss crossed by wayward walkers,


who with seemingly aimless trajectory, dance alone,

yet together.

their eyes cast down seeking elevation.


Programmed to arrive without noticing their path,

atheist traveller’s, 

their faith in nothing asks nothing of them. 


Their gods are reliable,...

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Sunrise in Roquebrune

entry picture

In Roquebrune’s majestic light

inland away from sea

we took our rest from flight

and fell closer

you and me


With mornings silent waking

our union came as one

our hearts no longer aching

the knot of want un-done 


And in that golden sunrise

we buried searchings pain

to view the world through new eyes

never glancing back again


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Pulse (of love)

Where did you go

when you slid behind your words,



A sun behind a cloud.

your exiled silence

screaming loud.



I heard you still

un-suppressed by your own will


you filled my seeking heart

so much so

you forced it start. 


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