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Dreaming Love 2016

So many thoughts that swirl around my mind, this feeling I've captured I dreamed to find.

It flooded in by a destined fate, the time had come after an unknown wait.

The moment we've now captured was overdue, naturally we entwined and knew what to do.

The days pass us by and the feelings grow high, the realness that shines creates an eternal tie.

I've never believed in the concept forever, but now I'm swaying to slightly endeavour.

You've changed all my set perceptions, and highlighted such directions.

3 months may be small in terms of size, but this number will strive and inevitably rise.

I can't seem to describe or create realistic sense, I question my luck, as if it's all just pretence.

I'm deeply connected and lost in magic awe, you've been all and so more what I've always longed for.

I'm falling uncontrollably beyond all defined means, my heart is alive and bursting at its seams.

There's not a single thing I could not possibly adore, Feelings this strong are impossible to ignore.

Only create a sincere need to gain more and more. This being something I've never felt before.

The faith that's installed could never be overruled. Implemented for a reason, part of our set direction. This is our own destined selection.

Intrigued to move forward and taste what's to enfold, savour each step down each sacred road.

Until our body's reach the stage defined old.

It's exciting to dream and imagine the possibilities, it's incredible that they may in fact be our realities.



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Mon 16th Nov 2020 18:16

Thank you Paul. I have not felt like it his since.

Time will forever teach us and throw new emotions are way right

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