“The Man and The Whisper”




What if…,



The haunting past,

The heart of anxiety,

The present limitations,

The lack of belief in myself,

Uncertainty of knowing myself,


These are the lions in my den,

The lighting and thunder in my storm,

The dark walls enclosing on my shoulders,

The waves that are ready to pummel me in my ocean of life,

The brothers ready to throw me into an empty well,

The wind that is willing and eager to sweep me,

The stones hungry for their target,

The dark clouds ready to pour their bullets of shame,

The wolves licking their lips,


The Man:

Why, why do these appear now?

Why when I am eager to test and overcome the world?

They follow me in the dark and into the light,

Wherever I go, I am not alone,

I sleep with them and rise with them,

Why can’t they leave?

I’ve pleaded and begged to the heavens,

If I am loved, then why torture me?

Where is this love, where is this Almighty?

I am worthy of an answer!


The Whisper:

Can’t you see?

Look at the lions and limitations,

Can’t you hear?

Hear the wind and your breath,

Why do you do this to yourself?

The storms, the stones, the shame,

These follow you,

You are the lion, the wolf, the ocean,

Why do you choose to suffer?

Why do you choose to hurt me?

Arise, stand up and walk,

Turn from the storm and look within,

You will find me,

Cold, alone, hurt,

Nurture me, love me,

And watch the lions die,

The storm calm,

The wolves flee,

The stones fall,

Then you will learn the greatest of all lessons,

All is you and all is me.


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keith jeffries

Fri 15th Jun 2018 16:33

Some good work here. I look forward to reading more of your poetry.
Thank you

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racha chafik

Thu 14th Jun 2018 03:57

One of my best

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racha chafik

Thu 14th Jun 2018 03:56

It's amazing thank you for sharing ❤

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