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“The Man and The Whisper”




What if…,



The haunting past,

The heart of anxiety,

The present limitations,

The lack of belief in myself,

Uncertainty of knowing myself,


These are the lions in my den,

The lighting and thunder in my storm,

The dark walls enclosing on my shoulders,

The waves that are ready to pummel me in my ocean of lif...

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acheanswersawebeliefsbelievebiblebonesdiscoverygodGod Withinquestioningstrugglestruthwonder


have you ever experienced
a love 
so strong 
you question your beliefs?

I'm an atheist.
I don't believe in a god
or an afterlife 
this love 
makes me wonder 
if over the course of time
our souls 
have been colliding 
and bonding 
and that's why
is so natural 
between us

I'm not talking about something romantic
but something innocent
for he has touched my hea...

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Who I am Becoming

Is the pain of loneliness worse than the pain of regret

Than giving away another part of your shrinking soul

I only have so much to give

I do not know how to stop

I am not eternal

I am not limitless


I am finite

There is a certain amount of me

And some parts never grow back

Some parts, once given, cannot ever be recovered

I cannot be returned to who I once was


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finitegiving of myself too muchlimitedlonelinesspainpastquestioningself

Reflections on a victory

That some should revel 

in this pit of death

where lives are gone

and split from joy.


Where on this field

of human play

the dead 

are dead

what’er they say.


Where lies

undid all human trust,

and Judges Judged

how settled dust. 


No day, 

its Sun 

however bright,

can set the sunken 

vessel right.


No relief 

that men

had ...

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Is It Truly?

Is This alright?

I mean really, is it at all?

I don't want it to become a fight

So I keep putting up my walls.



You keep trying to deny it

all my feelings of love for you

but I dont think I can quit

for I want it tobe us two



Love is like a never ending war

It always happens in the core

I cannot chose who I will love

for it comes from somewhere up...

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