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It never went away I was only a kid I

Remember years of tooth-ache after it

Mutated the winters were the worst and when the

NHS went there was panic, riots

Bodies in the streets,

Dad went for food but

Never came back like

Half-naked animals we were,

Screams hung in the smoke, bells tolling

Weeping politicians and

Hoarders got strung up on the news, mobs burned the


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“The Man and The Whisper”




What if…,



The haunting past,

The heart of anxiety,

The present limitations,

The lack of belief in myself,

Uncertainty of knowing myself,


These are the lions in my den,

The lighting and thunder in my storm,

The dark walls enclosing on my shoulders,

The waves that are ready to pummel me in my ocean of lif...

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-To all the girls who love their beautiful  curly hair: 

Life just didn’t treat you fair. 

You started off as a soft delight 

then darkness grew, as the nights took flight. 

They screamed at you with venom, 

So you hid from their mighty bite


You ran home crying, 

because a bully tried to put up a fight. 


Coming home with mascara running down your face, 


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Esgyrn Eira

The thick ice on the pond is dimpled on its face:

The same snow that coated the field

Had landed on the frozen pool to yield

To ice its fragile beauty and feather grace

As dents


Body gone, only the skeleton of the snow is left:

The same snow that covered all around

Has lost its substance to the earthy mound

But dull white bones still haunt Spring's heft

As wraiths


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snowicepondcountrysidehedge banksbonesskeletonswraithsesgyrn eira


Brontosaurus, welcome back

When young I thought you were long dead

But later heard you’d never lived

That was what the experts said

Thunder lizard, once you roamed

Jurassic ground beneath your feet

Then gone, removed from history

Written out, obsolete

Now they say that Marsh was right

And your position is restored

The bones are yours and yours alone

No more a mere ...

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