The Redwood Tree

Hello, said the tree.

Thank you for planting me.

I think I’m going to like it here.


I love trees, said the little boy.

And I love you.

You are a special tree.


All trees are special, said the sapling.

I will always be here

Watching over you and your children’s children.


How long can you stay here? How old will you get?

Will you live for ever and ever?

His joy made the birds sing and the sun glow.


As long as I live, said the Redwood,

I will be your friend.

1000, 2000, 3000 years. Or more.


Wow! gasped the child, in awe.

I will never, ever hurt you.

I will always protect you.


And I you, said the tree.

I will clean the air you breath and nurture your world.

I will protect all of nature beneath my arms.


I cannot imagine a world without trees.

Thought the young boy to himself.

As he wandered home through the life-giving forest.


Hello, said the tree.

Look how strong I’ve grown already!

I knew I’d love it here.


I am so proud of you said the young man.

You never ask for anything.

Yet, you give so much.


Will you teach your children,

And your grandchildren, and their’s too,

To always protect me and love me?


Of course I will, said the father.

They will all know how we cannot exist without trees.

They will love and respect you, as I have always done.


Hello young lady. I am so sorry for your loss.

He was a good man your father.

We knew each other well.


Thank you dear tree, she sobbed.

As she let fall the ashes to the rich earth at her feet.

My father did love the trees so.


Hello, said the tree, to the new family beneath his arms.

Thank you for coming to celebrate my 2000 years in this forest.

I still remember the day your ancestor first helped me take root.


You are such a beautiful tree. Said a young boy.

You protect us and give us life.

In return we will always protect you.


Hello said the ancient tree, to the tearful human below.

Why are your people cutting down and killing my kin?

Are we too many?


I do not want this, said the young girl.

But my family have no money for food.

We must sell the wood to live.


But you cannot live without trees said the mighty Redwood.

We are the lungs of the earth.

We have always been here, watching over you. Breathing for you.


We have no choice said the girl.

Her head hung in shame.

Her eyes misty, looking down at her feet.


The tree paused.

But I have stood for 3000 years.

I have protected you. I am home to the animals. They need me too.


The human stood in silence.

Her eyes still trying to focus on the scarred forest floor.

Ravaged. In pain. Dying.


Fire can not burn me. Disease cannot harm me.

Insects cannot destroy me. Floods cannot drown me.

Only you can cut me down.


Yes, said the man.

You are the only tree left.

But my people need to eat and keep warm.


But what will you do, said the last tree on earth.

When I am gone.

The tree breathed deeply. In. Out.


I know, said the man.

As he started up the chainsaw.

Goodbye tree. I am truly sorry.


Goodbye, said the tree,

I liked it here.

I wish I could have stayed.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 24th May 2022 17:11

This is a beautiful and highly relevant poem.

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