The Old Beech Trees

As an evening bat dips and feeds

Lost light dims down the summer night

To deep dusk blue as the bright sun cedes

To soft moon above beech tree height


In the gentle night's warm azure sky

The beech trees' majesty holds sway

Their silhouettes hide the lone owl cry

Black shapes caressed by owlish grey


These trees have lived so many ages

Their trunks have known the sun and shade

Their roots have welcomed rain that rages

They have seen farm history made


As summer's heat ripened every crop

The people came to load the wain

And hedgerow mice feed on what they drop

As grain and straw pass up the lane


The old field track lay in deep dark shade

Passing beneath the beech leaf shroud

And low slung branches needs must invade

The passage of the weary crowd


But here, a couple hid by a trunk

Lag far behind the jolly crew

What mischief love and what virtue sunk

Has summer sun just led them to?


As other trees shed their Autumn leaves             

The beech holds firm its browning green

Until the cold East wind howls and thieves

From each last twig its verdant screen


The beech at night lets its mighty boughs

Whisper against the bright moon's reign              

Each black branch and rustling leaf avows

Past harvest love feeds winter pain


◄ Adrift

Esgyrn Eira ►


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