A Million Ordinaries

I’m ordinary and that’s ok

Extraordinary is made of

A million ordinaries anyway


I can feel Magnolia

Reflecting sheen 

From her glossy dark leaves


It’s early afternoon

Rays warm my left shoulder

My car window lets just enough in 


The faint rattle in my back seat

Plays a bridge

To the melody of my AC


The turns of my car, so familiar

The route to home

I could get there in my sleep


Oak leaves rustle delicately 

Palm branches sway gently

Breeze is having her way with things


Up the hill on bumpy asphalt 

To the top, where St. John shows his lines 

Sleek through silhouetted pines


Breathe, I think 

Let it all in

This moment is all there is


Parked on the most familiar driveway 

Bright-yellow buds eager to greet me

Rich-red bricks to call me up the walkway


Up high, Woodpecker catches his breath

Stretched from Patio’s chair up to his eave 

Weaver connects her web again 


Our home is ordinary and that’s ok

Extraordinary is made of

A million ordinaries anyway


©️Candice Reineke 2018









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Candice Reineke

Fri 26th Oct 2018 02:02

Thanks so much, Big Sal, Don and Taylor for reading and taking the time to comment. Cheers from Florida!

Big Sal

Thu 25th Oct 2018 14:35

Each stanza is like a self-contained poem within itself. 4th stanza is excellent - as are all of them.?

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Don Matthews

Thu 25th Oct 2018 12:12

I like this Candice ?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 25th Oct 2018 07:33

Beautiful Candice...thank you ?

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