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Documenting the silence 
the bus stop is almost reclaimed by nature
until the bus arrives after a long conversation
with the broken country path
in a meditative rhythm each morning 

disgorging the mood 
its wheels on cast aside leaves
inbetween the sun barely awake 
in the early morning sky
and the sinking moon 

recording the moment afterwards
restlessly in symmetries in gentle wind
following in the footsteps of ghosts 
crackling in imaginary witches spells 
trying to hurry it up. 


(Second in a short series of poems wrote in response to haunting photographs by my friend Benjamin Thomas Holton.

Benjamin or Ben to me is also in the Rural ambient indie band Epic 45 who have produced numerous albums, some of which are available on

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Andy N

Fri 9th Jul 2021 09:08

Thanks to Steven for the like (:?

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Andy N

Wed 7th Jul 2021 08:52

Thanks Jordyn and Holden for the likes here. Means the world (:

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Andy N

Wed 7th Jul 2021 08:51

Thanks Nigel. Being ages since I had a attempt at writing little Natureish poems. Enjoying this little series m8. More to follow.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 7th Jul 2021 02:14

footsteps of ghosts
imaginary witches spells
I hope don't
catch the bus
one of your best Andy.

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