Fleeting persistence

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She was the one constant throughout his life

His endless reference to existence

From infancy she reflected him back at him

She was his world, the very reason he lived


She gave birth to him, ejaculating him into the air

For the first time he felt separation from her wet womb

But their connection was permanent

She was as much he, as he was him


Her brilliance dazzled him every remembered minute

Everywhere he looked, she was there

Everywhere he went, she would be waiting for him

He would never stray far, he could not, she was his world


As a child, he would play alongside her

She encouraged him to grow, to fly higher

Her soft babbling voice, supportive and true

A mother’s nature, to be there for her children


She never revealed her dark secrets to him

She kept him safe from the deep shadows below

Others were lost to her demons, but not him

He felt special, chosen among the many others


And then she taught him another love, the special love

Ascending toward him, an angel in flight

In the summer of their lives, they found each other

Dancing on sunshine, they became as one


True to her word, she was there till the end

As his life turned to dusk and he to dust

She waited to catch him in her arms

He fell softly back inside her, and was carried downstream


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Laura Taylor

Wed 17th Apr 2019 15:03

N'awww, what a lovely write.

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