Circe's Antidote

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Circe’s Antidote

you crawl from the damp earth
where we buried you last year
your gnarled fingers scraping
away from the soil
reaching for the skies
who tip their tears upon your
outstretched pleading aspirations
dying ice crystals melt around
your roots chilling your heart
turning your petals to snow
you dance a lazy swaying waltz
urged on by an insistent breeze
blanching the green fields of hope
and winter is forgotten amid
your hypnotic elemental steps

stooping to touch your virgin dress
and pluck you gently from the arms
of your verdant partner in this dance
of life and lustful affirmation
as the sun spits into a cobalt sky
you kiss away the winter chill
and dance like clouds
upon my lips

I take your hand
and lead you to
the open leaves
of April’s book
of poems
gently press you
within its pages
caught forever
in the throws
of youth


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Gray Nicholls

Fri 27th Dec 2013 11:34

i really like this, ian. it went in a direction i wasn't expecting which makes which in my eyes is always a good thing. good stuff man

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