Some people have a favourite season


The beautiful bright sunny days of Summer

perhaps the subtle colours of Autumn

Maybe the endless smells of Spring

or the cosiness that only Winter can bring.


Me… I fell in love with the changes in seasons

they are like my children

Everyone with their own mystique

changing before my eyes while growing up to be unique.


I love the way summer gives up the period of growth

how Autumn force the summer in submission

Changing bright colours without permission

into pastels of red, purple, orange and yellow.


I love how the early Winter wind arrives one day

creeping in with a plan up its sleeve

Sweeping away the autumn leaves

 and clean the streets with early rain or snow.


I love how Spring is showing full intend

blessing each plant with early buds

Preparing nature for a bouquet of colours

and smells that only Spring can bring.


I Love that way late Winter and early Summer

wrestling for control while the blossoms bloom

How Spring stays neutral in the fight

while Summer takes control of his seasonal right.




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