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In 2015 this day is on the 13th of March

Sleep is a special form of the existence
It gives strength to a daytime wakefulness.
A healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness.

A good sleep maintains physical and mental health.
And everyone knows that it’s the main wealth.

Minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction
Brings your body after sleep to the normal action.
It is proved that long periods of "sleep deprivation"
Brings to losing sense of humor and isolation.

Deteriorating memory, perhaps worsening of disease
Sleepless nights can only irritability increase.

However, to sleep a lot is also harmful.
Eight hours is enough for me and the day is cheerful.


So, let this holiday be one more reason
On this tiresome early spring season,

To pay attention to your sleep and, consequently, health
Which you won’t be able to buy for any wealth.


Long live pleasant and healthy sleep!
Let it be nice and deep!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 13th of March, 2015



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