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Primal Howl

Hurdling moral barriers, 

past caution flags of life,

towards red lights,

to feel alive,

something, anything. 

Excitement rising 

in your second brain,

adrenaline coursing

through collapsed veins, 

primal howl, 

lost in the now,

while consequences growl,

like a tornado.




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Moral Abyss

Meet me in the 

moral abyss, 

the interwebs

of eternal bliss,

where we will 

confirm our love 

with a virtual kiss. 


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They come together

                in this place outside

yet at the centre of our world.

We have asked of them

                our destiny

Have demanded nothing of them

                except our future.

Who are these gods in whom we place our trust?

Who are these gods that we have selected?

                These are the senate that we once elected:

The senators that ...

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Moral of the Story

Some may be weak and some may be strong

But it is for neither to look down upon

Those belonging to the other class

Because in the end we’ll know at last

The quality of all men, and how we are the same

From bones to dust, we return to our grave

A dark thought indeed but if you look at it right

Your innermost self might just see the light

The beauty of difference, of change, ...

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