Primal Howl

Hurdling moral barriers, 

past caution flags of life,

towards red lights,

to feel alive,

something, anything. 

Excitement rising 

in your second brain,

adrenaline coursing

through collapsed veins, 

primal howl, 

lost in the now,

while consequences growl,

like a tornado.




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Fri 10th Jul 2020 02:31

Thank you Anna. ?


Wed 8th Jul 2020 04:48

Brilliant, as usual.

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Thu 18th Jun 2020 00:33

Thanks Tom and Po. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving feedback. It helps me improve my writing to know what readers respond to. I agree Po, music adds depth to poetry. The two are so intertwined. Iris is one of my favorite songs. I first heard it on City of Angels. Excellent movie with one of the best soundtracks.

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Wed 17th Jun 2020 10:38

"while consequences growl, like a tornado." A brilliant vignette on addiction.

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