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Sandwich fillings: an elegy

Siberian kale with cherrystone clam

Bulgar, quinoa, and spicy brown mustard

Orange okra served with whiskey-roast ham

Red chard, leaf lard, and savoury custard


Avocado jam with relish of quince

Shaved black truffle with sourdough croutons

Sun dried tomatoes with guinea pig mince

Plantain wraps served on tiny oak futons


Sandwich menus leave me filled with remorse


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I Potted A Long Red

I Potted A Long Red

I potted a long red and gave out a scream,

as it was the best shot that I'd ever seen.

Still needing 8 snookers, I thought this could mean

the start of a comeback. The best that there's been!

I needed to focus and not start to dream,

as my best ever break was only sixteen!

I potted the black and gave out a scream

as I'd aimed for the green in the wo...

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Fancy That!

Fancy That!

'Sue fancies Bill.
Bill fancies Tim.
Tim fancies Jane.
Jane fancies Jim.

Jim fancies Kate.
Kate fancies Anne.
Anne fancies Pete,
and Pete fancies Sam.

Sam fancies Rob,
but who fancies you?'

'Mum, I don't care,
while I'm having a poo!'

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