'Rhyme Crime'!

When, first I began on the ‘poetry’ scene,

my brain wasn’t ready. Let’s say “a bit ‘green’”?

A “bull-at-a-gate” (if you know what I mean)

and ended up racing - a little too keen !


There’s a challenging issue in having Verse, rhyme.

Writing ‘couplets’ that match, yet make sense every time.

Which, sometimes presents a ‘huge mountain to climb’

(if you seek to avoid the ‘mundane paradigm’!).


It’s often compared, to ‘a bit OCD’.

Which is fair (as that’s also a feature, in me).

For I’ve noticed already, I’ve changed my ‘confines’

and this poem’s now rhyming with every two lines!


Such a sad side-effect, writing Verse can create.

An addictive affliction? An obsessive state?

Your thoughts become ‘channelled’ (succinct and profound).

‘Til you find the right word - with a similar sound!


They’ll creep in your dreams; to your innermost psyche.

Until (when ‘redemption’ seems lost) you’ll think, “Crikey!

My mind’s turned to mush! Need to regain, control”.

(But, instead you’ll just seek out a rhyme for ‘control’!)


My penning of verses was sometimes intense.

Rhyming-couplets galore’, took my mind over, hence

I had to step back from the ‘rhyme-repetition’,

to prevent me from risking a mental condition!


Pam Ayres; she inspired me for such a long time.

Such comfort and ease in her ‘metre and rhyme’.

Must be great, writing verse for her ‘butter and bread’ -

but I’ll bet there’s a muddle of rhymes in her head!


It’s powerful stuff when you ‘travel such roads’.

You can mess with your mind, just to pen a few odes!

The trick is to know when to ‘ease off the pedal’.

Save your brain. Don’t give ‘Rhyme-Crime’ the option to meddle !


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John Andrew Nield

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 00:24

Thanks for your kind comments, Keith.
I do tend to steer away from blank verse as the challenge for me is to express myself within the more traditional rhyming and metrical confines.
I have, however been moved now and then by the clever wordsmanship ( is that a word?) of some 'non-traditional' variants so I can appreciate the merits of such offerings.

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John Andrew Nield

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 00:16

Thank you,, Aviva.for your wonderfully crafted prompt comment. You're right...I maybe should have 'thrown off the shackles' in defiance when completing this one. That would have given a nice twist.
The main reason I didn't though is that I actually relish the rhyme/metre constraints. To me, they are the challenge of writing verse .i.e. to offer your thoughts in such a way that they fulfil these rules.
My 'gripe' is that such application often results in me spontaneously thinking in random rhyming couplets for, sometimes, days after. But it fades eventually,..... until the next time ! ?

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keith jeffries

Sat 2nd Jan 2021 22:28


I thoroughly enjoyed this poem as I occasionally write in verse, if it seems appropriate and comes naturally, but I do feel confined, restricted in what I really want to get across. In the main I now write unversed poetry which is indeed liberating but lacks the rhythm which has its own charm. A style that people have come to expect.

This is a very good poem and I thank you for it,

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 2nd Jan 2021 21:25

And it's not only rhyming, but also the metre
And not only that, but how many feet or
otherwise this or that well known pattern
you feel forced to follow or else get spat on
or some other crisis you feel sure will ensue
there's certainly much that a poet must do.

But I was so optimistic to read your discerning
connection of words, it was truly head turning
It looked like you really were going to break free
from all of the chains that surround you and me
and go beyond couplets to completely uncoupled
and say something rude to them all - but you didn't.

maybe next time!

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