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You Blew Smoke Into Our Eyes

Some of us appear to have forgot

that the train service has stopped

else why are we all stood here waiting like a bunch of goons?

Soon they’ll be pulling up the tracks

and when Mr Henry gets the sack

the grass will grow and the whole place will return unto the dunes.

Choo choo train where have you gone

now don’t you know we need you?

How in the world are you supposed to get...

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steam trainsnostalgia

New Blood

New blood spills from the aeroplane

bouncing on the runway like spring rain.

Passport waving out-thrust arm

fancy shoes pointed West

Gene Kelly, video obsessed

dancing peasant with the happiness gene.

Tie straight, collar clean

mad for the chance to twirl his cane

at girls in some teeming town

Sun-parched backwoodsman mad for rain.


Radio waves from some man-made ...

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migrationstatue of libertyThe West

Freedom of a Certain Kind

Was it a golden age

of freedom of a certain kind

and were we then the lucky ones

the unchained, in my terms?

The next utopia may be rich and sweet

a virtual paradise perhaps

and honeycombed with images but

from which there is no escape

no vantage point

or cold light of day.


From restless souls are we come

from buccaneers with fast boats

their oak planks...

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mavericwinds of changeindividuality

Potter Heigham Bridge

Albert got his big truck stuck

on top of the hump-back bridge.

The cop-on-a-bike come by

and he give him a ticket.

The old man who leans on the wall

and smukes his pipe all day

said what wus wrong

well the truck ‘us too long

and the bridge ‘us too steep.


Potter Heigham Bridge had a hump;

‘at was as humped as a cow’s rump

and though there wus a sign

‘at wus...

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Will The Storm Ever Pass

Will the storm ever pass          

and will this one be the last?          

Will my becalmed and tethered mind          

remember the debris flying past?

I wished that I was of the earth          

compatible with green growth          

not expelling water and air          

I wished that I was not a fire.

That I could be earthly bound,

my words be made of clay


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I Wonder What They Pray For

As I watch them in the park

spry old couple, ninety odd

hearts re-bored and tooled up

with walking, hearing, seeing aids

a twinkle even in the eye

leaning close, holding hands

these taller, longer-living things

our ever-lengthening DNA string

she blushes, he grins, I wonder who

we must thank?


The gentleman scientist medicine man?

Pioneer, fingering his wai...

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Old Agewinds of change

What's a Mystery?

Why do key holes have no keys

Why do fairies have no tales

Can I dial the numbers please

Which is best, boys or girls

What’s a mystery?


If I had another Mum

Would I be another child

If I had another Dad

Where would my old daddy be

What’s a mystery?


Where do grown ups put the child

That they say that they used to be

Where did my Mummy find my Dad

In ...

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