'Man-Sized' Issues !

So, now those ‘Man-Size’ tissues

are named ‘Extra-Large’ instead. 

It’s another “sexist” issue 

that is messing with me ‘ead!  


It seems, the major problem 

is all centred around ‘Man’. 

Folk find this word offensive 

but I’m ‘flummoxed’ if I can !


I’m fearing for the future 

if this nonsense carries on. 

‘Cos they’ll ban the ‘Man’ from everything

 in favour of ‘Person’. 


It’s driving me ‘person’-ic. 

As it’s ‘PC’’, gone berserk ! 

‘Equality’s the game-plan 

but, I doubt that it will work. 


My wife tells me to ‘Person’- up! 

- I ‘person-aged’ a smile. 

She isn’t that ‘ro-person-tic’. 

(She’s not been for a while!)  


She went for a ‘person-icure’.

(At least that’s what she said!)

But her note on the ‘person’-tlepiece

told, what she’d done instead. 


It read “I’ve gone to ‘Person’-chester. 

So, ‘stuff’ your sexist way! 

I’m now with hunky ‘Person’-uel. -

 We met in Spain, last May.” 


 I, then was left wo-’person’-less 

because I would not change. 

So, moved in with ‘Person’-dy

- but she’s just as bloomin’ strange ! 


She’s from the Isle of ‘Person’ 

- with big muscles and a tan. 

When we met, she wore a dress  

(but didn’t tell me, ‘she’s a man!) 


So, on ‘sizing’ of a tissue,

no longer will I dwell.

Now, I have a ‘Man-Size’d issue, 

that is ‘Extra-Large’ as well!


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John Andrew Nield

Wed 6th Jan 2021 13:07

Yes, Julie.
I'm surprised that they still 'person'-ufacture it! ?

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julie callaghan

Wed 6th Jan 2021 11:45

I hear Radox has cancelled its FOR MEN range too
Such Person-ly wording on their shower gel will never do

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John Andrew Nield

Wed 6th Jan 2021 00:06

No Mark.. This was prompted by Andrex changing the name of their 'Man-size' tissues to 'Extra-Large', following the usual hoo-haa from folk who must have taken offence to the name of a tissue! This of course was 'manna' for someone who wanted to have a bit of fun with such nonsense! ?

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 5th Jan 2021 23:18

Is this by any chance instigated by the nonsense from the US political
chamber whose session ended not with Amen - but Awomen...
something almost beyond ridicule for its illiiterate man-ipulation of
language and its meaning in context.

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