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Poem: Summer..

The scorching heat of Sun,

children playing in ponds and having fun.

The temperature may rise,

and if you are enjoying it.

You are also wise.

That is Summer!


The feel of blowing wind,

And because of the sweat,

our bodies get thinned.

and my sister’s flying hair.

And if we go out too much,

our skin gets dark from fair.

That is Summer!


In deserts it i...

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parties are the end of the world.

ive been invited to a party this saturday. 

i think i will go, 

i think i will get as drunk as i can. 

to feel the painful crushing weight of the sunday hangover. 

im going to act as if i am in a french film. 

i will tell each person a different lie, 

tell them something i've made up about myself. 

these people dont know me. 

dont know me at all. 


but whats more lik...

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poetrypoempoetwriterprosenon fictiondiaryself lovestudentgirlhoodwomanhood


Jam-jar mobile homes

For tiddlers as a kid,

I speculated in vain

Whither went the lid


Sweet student summer

Molten and strawberry

Castor candy foundry

Damson, grape, cherry


Blanched fruit in drums

Pectin sugar and colour,

Without which your jam

Would look much duller


Buff overalls crisply caked

Treacly crystallised hair,

Boss boilers wielding...

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I was a student at the time so

Lodgings were par for the course

I'll never forget Balham and

Mrs Gleeson, or was it Gleeful?

She'd knock on my door late at night

Usually there was some pretext,

A dog barking or a creaking stair

Then she'd sit on the bed and

Offer me a fag

It was only a matter of time


Uninhibited is the only word

I was left covered in scratches


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Experimental Proposition Following Observation of Apathy

Schrodinger's cat

is both

in theory

Alive and Deceased

Poison has filled the bunker

but from the outside




is inconclusive

until futher analysis


In a similar


is Schrodinger's Student

who is both

here and absent

awake and asleep

consious and in coma

Fallen loved ones join Illness


in a dorm room


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collegestudentdepressionapathyschrodingers catConnor Lannes


Boredom slowly creeps upon me,

Like a fog on top a hill.

My eyes start glazing over,

My brain is standing still.

I’m trying to take notice,

Of the message being said,

But it all just sounds like noise to me,

Facts won’t stay in my head.

If only I could listen,

For just a minute more,

Yet concentration eludes me,

I’m thinking of the door.

I can see the mouth is m...

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A lesson that I Taught



I Teach!!

I taught...

Here's a lesson that I taught...

I had this lesson. It were ace in my mind!

The planning was tight, concise, well timed


Going into the room - my stage

Put on the teacher face, the act

(My phone is buzzing but I don't react)


Lights, camera, action! You're on!


"Hi guys! Come in, unpack your things!"


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educationteachingstudentteacherfunnyCutting edgy swearing

Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fill...

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